Who we are

Brad and Meag

How it all began

Brad and Meag are the co-founders and co-operators of Squirrel Stash Nuts and have been since it’s initial release in 2012. The two have been good friends since the age of 12 and now, 15 years later, are engaged to be married. With their passion for each other and a healthy lifestyle, they have creatively produced an astounding product that is wholesome, dynamic, and healthy.

. . .

It all began a few summers ago, a summer that Meag & Brad were exceptionally upset over their lack of healthy snack options and the overuse of wasteful packaging in grocery stores. Their feisty attitudes led to many discussions about their concerns with corporations and food systems. However, being fresh out of college and concerned for their future they were quick to turn their frustration into ideas of solutions. Starting a business together popped up in every conversation yet the two were stumped for an idea until they were on vacation in York Beach, Maine.

It was a tradition of Brad and Meag to stroll the downtown area of York whenever in town for a visit and that usually meant a snack to go with it. Their favorite offering was by far the roasted and glazed nuts at the corner store; a snack an herbivore and a carnivore can both enjoy. This particular year the nuts were no longer being produced and they saw a sad nut roaster sitting idle, collecting dust in the corner. Barely ten steps out the door, driven by hunger and disappointment, the light bulbs clicked on for the two love birds. THEY would master the art of roasting nuts and spread their love and strong business values through this delicious snack!

Upon returning home from vacation to Burlington, Vermont the duo began brainstorming and experimenting in the kitchen. They made healthful changes such as reducing the amount of added sugar, using more cinnamon, and adding the iconic taste of Vermont Maple. The duo also began sampling their roasted and maple cinnamon glazed nuts to anyone who would try them (not too many refused!) and thoughts we’re unanimous: Where can we get more?!

So with the proper equipment and a solid recipe that included, all Brad and Meag needed was a name. That too came to them on vacation. A lesson that Squirrel Stash Nuts values a work-life balance, that every day should have some aspect of fun and play. While kayaking in a Cape Cod harbor they bounced ideas back and forth about business names. A memory of the many squirrels, specifically black ones, roaming around their shared college campus continued to surface in conversation. Now with an image of a sneaky black squirrel in mind, the word “squirrel” was said upwards to 1,000 times in combination with hundreds of other words until finally Squirrel Stash Nuts was said. It was perfect! And it was the birth of Mr. Squirrel Stash the Squirrel logo with a ‘stache.

. . .

Brad and Meag took their catchy name, flashy logo, and mouth watering recipe and wrapped it all together in Earth conscious packaging to present to the Burlington community who welcomed and supported Squirrel Stash Nuts so wonderfully. They began with the Outdoor Burlington Farmer’s Market, several events around town, and eventually sold product in many Vermont stores.

. . .

Brad and Meag, once middle school friends now business partners engaged to be married, couldn’t be more proud of what they have created. Mostly for the opportunities it allows to share their love and good happenings with others. They strive to bring awareness, consciousness, and sustainability to every facet of their business and life. In taking responsibility for our Earth, Squirrel Stash Nuts is committed to using conscious materials and methods. The love they have for one another, for their community, for their world shines brightly through their work together.