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Tumeric Chai Cashews – Limited Release

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Our Chai Cashews are the creative blend of two elements: Sun and Earth. Our hearty roasted and maple cinnamon glazed cashews mixed with rays of sunshine (AKA Jahmu Turmeric Chai spice mix). The immune boosting blend of 10 spices delivered to your taste buds through a delicious maple glazed cashew.-mmm (healthy AND tasty).

Chai Cashews are VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE and are always packaged in 100% compostable materials.

** A BIG thank you to [Jahmu PBC] for this tasty collaboration.

Ingredients: Cashews, Vermont maple syrup, *turmeric, *ginger, *cinnamon, *cardamom, *fenugreek, *nutmeg, *fennel, *cloves, *black pepper, *cayenne pepper and sea salt

Try a Stash today! Your body will thank you later <3 JAHMU’s caffeine free blend:
-Organic turmeric
-Organic ginger
-Organic cinnamon
-Organic cardamom
-Organic fenugreek
-Organic nutmeg
-Organic fennel
-Organic cloves
-Organic black pepper
-Organic cayenne pepper

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3oz – Compostable Stash