Product Spread and Mission

Delicious Roasted and Maple Cinnamon Glazed Nuts!

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Made from all VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE ingredients!
:: Mission Statement ::

Squirrel Stash is here to provide and promise wholesome, delicious snacks wrapped in wholesome packaging. We strive to use blends of beneficial ingredients to sustainably create satiating, healthful snacks. We choose packaging materials that are safer for our Earth. As well, we provide every day items to support a healthier, less wasteful lifestyle.

:: Vision ::

Squirrel Stash is also an avenue for it’s owners to share their values and good happenings with others. We value equality, health through whole food, community, sustainability, family, and local economy. Squirrel Stash strives to bring awareness, consciousness, and sustainability to every facet of their business. We continue to educate ourselves and share our knowledge with others about becoming more sustainable and conscious.

:: Packaging With A Purpose ::

Squirrel Stash Nuts takes very serious it’s shared responsibility to care for our Earth. That is why we have chosen to use packaging that is completely COMPOSTABLE!



Delicious roasted and maple cinnamon glazed nuts.
Made from all VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE* ingredients!

*Some nut varieties may contain gluten in the form of beer.